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Game six. Spartak - SKA - 1:2

Match reportSpartakSpartak - SKA - 080319
HC SKA press-service

In game six of the 2018/2019 KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs first round, SKA defeated HC Spartak Moscow 2:1 to advance to the next phase with a 4:2 series triumph.

Once again, it was a tight, nervy match between the two sides, but SKA kept Spartak at bay in a dramatic end to proceedings in order to progress to the second round.

After a goalless first period, Nikita Gusev opened the scoring in the second, as he bundled a rebound over the line at point blank range.

When Sergei Plotnikov doubled the lead on the counterattack in the third frame, it looked as thought SKA would comfortably win, but Spartak had other ideas as Ilya Zubov netted from the doorstep to halve the deficit.

Spartak piled the pressure on in the closing minutes, but mainly thanks to Swedish goalkeeper Magnus Hellberg's excellent play, SKA held on to progress!

Match protocol:

Spartak - SKA - 1:2 (0:0, 0:1, 1:1)


0:1 Gusev (Zub, Maltsev), 35.41

0:2 Plotnikov (Datsyuk, Gusev), 57.35

1:2 Zubov (Hanzl), 58.44

Goalkeepers: Hudacek - Hellberg

Shots on target: 15 - 31

Faceoffs: 17 - 44

Hits: 17 - 9

Penalty minutes: 4 - 4

Referees: Gashilov, Gusev


Game six. Spartak - SKA - 1:2

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