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Spartak - SKA. Press-conference of game three

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Ilya Vorobyov:

- Special teams decided the outcome of this match. We will prepare for the next game.

- Your players tried to provoke the home fans.

- Our players tried to provoke the fans? How did they do that? Did they throw sausages?

- They made gestures towards the Spartak Moscow supporters.

- Really? We will have a look.

- Igor Shestyorkin cannot play in the next match. Who will be back-up to Magnus Hellberg?

- How do you know that Igor can't play? Do you work for the Disciplinary Committee? We wish Kaspars Daugavins health, the 5+20 penalty was only given because of his injury.

- How concerned are you that SKA cannot score at equal strength?

- We won the match.

Spartak - SKA. Press-conference of game three

HC Spartak Moscow coach Igor Ulanov:

- I am not embarrased by our performance at all. The guys did their all and stuck to the game plan. We spent a lot of time shorthanded, but despite that fact, it was clear how our players stuck together as a group. In terms of goalscoring, this series is level at 7-7.

- How is Kaspars Daugavins?

- We will send him to the clinic, after which we will have information.

- How big will his loss be?

- He is a leading player for us when it concerns points. However, we did play the first match without him. We have other players which can also participate in games.

- There's a feeling that it's easier for Spartak to play well in Saint Petersburg.

- No. Given that SKA are 0:2 down in the series, we knew that it would be a different game here, but there are more matches upcoming both in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. I think this is an interesting series for us, the fans and for you, the journalists.

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