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Stepan Falkovsky: "I was very happy to sign for SKA!"

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SKA defenseman Stepan Falkovsky:

- Welcome to SKA! Did you take a long time to make your decision about moving here?

- You only receive the opportunity to join such an organisation once in your life, so I was very happy to accept the offer! It didn't take long at all to make the decision.

- Did you previously know any of SKA's players?

- I didn't know anyone particularly closely, but I had played in the USA with Oscar Fantenberg. Nevertheless, I had met a lot of the guys on the ice when playing against each other.

- You stand two meters and five centimeters tall. Do you think that you are now SKA's tallest player?

- Let's see, but I don't think that anyone is taller than me here. I am certainly taller than Joonas Kemppainen and Evgeny Timkin.

- How was your summer?

- I went on holiday and spent a lot of time with my family. I kept myself in shape by training throughout the break.

Stepan Falkovsky: "I was very happy to sign for SKA!"

- Have you already looked around Saint Petersburg and the Hockey City complex?

- I went on a boat trip along the River Neva yesterday, the city is really beautiful. Hockey City is a wonderful complex, everything here is of the highest level!

- Three words which you associate with Saint Petersburg.

- It is a beautiful, old and fantastic city.

- How was it to play at the Ice Palace as one of SKA's opponents?

- The arena has a great atmosphere, the fans support their players really well. It was nice to play here even as an opponent.

- What are your thoughts ahead of the start of the training camps?

- Pre-season training is always tough, but it is a part of preparing for the campaign.

- Please speak about your expectations for the 2021/2022 season, while saying a few words for the fans.

- Such a team like SKA has only one goal: to win. I want the fans to support the team and believe in us until the end!

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