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Stepan Falkovsky: "We worked hard as a team"

SpartakStepan FalkovskySpartak - SKA - 140921
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA defenseman Stepan Falkovsky:

- It was a good game, we worked hard as a team. We followed the coaches' game plan and won the match.

- Speak about your assist for Kirill Marchenko's goal.

- I simply gave him a pass, and he scored with a beautiful shot.

- A Spartak defenseman committed a big mistake for SKA's first goal. Did this error affect the overall result?

- The match depended on who made a mistake. We took advantage of the opportunity to score a well-needed goal.

- Can we say that the tables turned in your favour after the mistakes against Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg?

- We also played well against Avtomobilist, but luck wasn't on our side. It's great that we managed to win today.

Stepan Falkovsky: "We worked hard as a team"

- How did you focus on this match after losing two games on the bounce?

- All of us were really pumped up to win, Spartak are major opponents for us. We're happy with the victory.

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