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Interviews after beating Torpedo in Nizhny Novgorod

Anton BurdasovTorpedoVasily PodkolzinAndrei KuzmenkoTorpedo - SKA - 080920
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Anton Burdasov:

- Everyone knows that Torpedo always play well in the third periods of matches, they proved this last year. They crashed the net and the bounces were in their favour. Personally, I think that both the players and fans enjoyed the game, both teams competed with energy and that is always more interesting than when it is a defensive match. Yes, we began to play with nerves when Torpedo made their comeback, but my goal on the counter-attack arrived at the right time.

Andrei Kuzmenko:

- My line is gaining form, we analyse our performance after every game and subsequently try to improve. We are having lots of opportunities to score. Hopefully, we will continue to play more productively.

Vasily Podkolzin:

- My goal? To be honest, I didn't understand what happened, the puck struck me and flew into the net. I had started to worry after not scoring for such a long time. It's great that we won, we were in a tough situation in the third stanza, as Torpedo improved and we relaxed after taking a four-goal lead. It's good that we won, Torpedo are always capable of launching comebacks.

Interviews after beating Torpedo in Nizhny Novgorod

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