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Traktor - SKA. Press-conference

Press-conferenceTraktorValery BraginTraktor - SKA - 051220
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good, aggressive and complete match from us, our emphasis was on attacking. Chelyabinsk did have their chances, but we took advantage of our opportunities to score.

- Who is the best centre forward for Vladimir Tkachyov to play with?

- At the moment, we're happy with Vladimir playing with Joonas Kemppainen.

- Why did Traktor have several chances 1 on 1?

- When we focus on attack, we can make tactical mistakes which result in the opponents having such break-aways.

- In the third period, did you want to focus on defence?

- No, we continued attacking and managed to score a fifth goal. It was a complete game from us.

- You were saying something to Igor Ozhiganov with quite a lot of emotion.

- This is our own business. In one incident on the ice he needed to play differently.

Traktor - SKA. Press-conference

- How did the team react to Artyom Shvets-Rogovoi scoring his first SKA goal?

- All of the guys were really happy for him! He's finally scored. Artyom always has good chances in every match, I think that he will begin to score more goals.

- Are you satisfied with how Malte Stromwall has settled into your team?

- Yes, so far I really like how he is playing. Malte is aggressive and has a lot of chances to score. Yes, he hasn't scored for SKA yet, but that will come. He crashes the net and will help us a lot.

- What are your thoughts on the performance of Yakov Trenin?

- He produced a very good performance today. We have to remember that he didn't have a pre-season. After initially starting well, his form dropped off, but now he's playing great again.

- Did you have special motivation to gain revenge for the disappointing defeat to Traktor Chelyabinsk in Saint Petersburg?

- We remember that loss, our focus was on playing aggressively today. We stuck to that game plan which gave us the victory.

HC Traktor Chelyabinsk Anvar Gatiyatulin:

- We were prepared for SKA's strong attacking line, but we played poorly in defence. Our mistakes resulted in the opponents scoring goals. The guys tried, but not everything worked out. We need to find the style of ice hockey which earns us positive results. We will work on changing the situation.

- How do the players feel physically after a tough road trip?

- It's not easy, but we're not the only ones in this situation. You have to go out and play.

- Traktor played aggressive ice hockey today. Did your scheme change in comparison to the first match in Saint Petersburg?

- No. The opponents have strong attacking players, so we tried to not make any mistakes. Unfortunately, we did commit errors.

- Why did you make a goalkeeping change?

- We wanted to change the way the match was going.

- What were your thoughts behind the decision to pick Ivan Fedotov today?

- We have two equally good goalkeepers who are in solid form. We conceded goals today because we didn't play well in defence.

- Did you want to summon players from Chelmet Chelyabinsk, your farm club?

- We're in constant contact with the Chelmet coaches. Let's see, we will have time now to analyse the situation. Maybe one of their players will appear in our next game.

- What went wrong in defence today?

- Our mistakes resulted in SKA scoring goals.

- Were you surprised that Saint Petersburg competed with the initiative?

- No, we knew that the opponents would play in an attacking manner. There weren't any surprises.

- Are you satisfied with the commitment of your players? Traktor seemed to fall away after the fourth SKA goal.

- We had commitment until the match ended, we wanted to win the third period. Our movement improved, but SKA protected the score well.

- Traktor did have opportunities, but your players seemed to spoil their chances by making too many passes instead of shooting the puck.

- We're lacking in the attacking department. We are working on this component in our training sessions.

- How long will defensemen Roman Manukhov and Sergei Telegin be on the sidelines?

- Roman will be back in the next two or three weeks, while Sergei might be ready for the next match.

- Why couldn't Traktor score when clean through?

- We weren't calm enough when presented with those chances. We did have good opportunities today.

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