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Game five. CSKA - SKA - 3:0

CSKAMatch reportCSKA - SKA - 050419
HC SKA press-service

In the fifth match of the 2018/2019 KHL Western Conference, SKA came up short in Moscow, conceding a heavy 0:3 defeat to go down 2:3 in the series.

During the first period, SKA managed to create the majority of the goalscoring opportunities, but Mat Robinson opened the scoring for CSKA with a mere 44 seconds remaining on the clock.

Maxim Mamin then doubled the CSKA advantage in the second, and in the third, Sergei Andronov sent the puck into the empty net after goalkeeper Igor Shestyorkin had been pulled for the extra skater.

Game six will take place at 17.00 local time at the Saint Petersburg Ice Palace.

Match protocol:

CSKA - SKA - 3:0 (1:0, 1:0, 1:0)


1:0 Robinson (Mamin), 19.16

2:0 Mamin (Svetlakov, Kaprizov), 27.29

3:0 Andronov (Marchenko), 59.00

Goalkeepers: Sorokin - Shestyorkin

Shots on target: 21 - 19

Faceoffs: 23 - 29

Hits: 9 - 9

Penalty minutes: 4 - 2


Game five. CSKA - SKA - 3:0

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