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Game five. CSKA - SKA. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- This is the playoffs, we managed to win in the third period of overtime. It was difficult, but the guys were patient. We practically played two matches in one evening. Yes, we did make some mistakes, but we waited for our chance and took advantage of it. We will now prepare for the next game.

- How did you prepare the team for overtime? Any mistake is fatal.

- The main thing was to compete in the correct manner, be patient, wait for our opportunity and play with commitment. Of course, we wanted to play with an emphasis on attack, but both teams were becoming increasingly tired.

- After such tough, long games, do the young guys or the more experienced players have more energy left?

- The younger players recover better after such matches, but the experienced guys also know how to recover in the right way.

- How will you help the team to recover?

- The recovery process will take place in Saint Petersburg, we will fly there now.

Game five. CSKA - SKA. Press-conference

- Was this the longest match in your career?

- As a head coach, yes. I wasn't tired on my legs, though, I was focused on the game.

- Vasily Podkolzin has responded after receiving criticism.

- I am really happy for him. After the World Junior Championship, we managed to get his head in the right place. He is playing really well for us now.

HC CSKA Moscow head coach Igor Nikitin:

- What went wrong for you in the middle of the second stanza?

- We lost possession, before we committed a defensive error for SKA's second goal. These things happen, ice hockey consists of mistakes. SKA punished us today.

- You made changes to all of your lines except for the one with Maxim Shalunov, Maxim Mamin and Konstantin Okulov.

- We needed to make changes to our approach, we were losing. I don't know if we will keep those line combinations the same for the next match.

- CSKA committed a major mistake for SKA's winning goal in overtime. Was this because of tiredness?

- Of course. Mistakes are usually made because of fatigue.

- How did you try and make sure that your players didn't run out of energy?

- Players can't work like computers, we almost played two full games today. They understand everything.

- Why are things going wrong in this series for CSKA?

- In the previous match we lacked concentration, and today we didn't take advantage of our opportunities. SKA, however, did.

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