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Game two. CSKA - SKA. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- This was a much better performance than in the first match. However, it's important to score first against CSKA. They scored and saw the game out.

- 120 minutes without a single goal. What is going wrong?

- We will analyse what happened. We played a lot better today, the goals were really close. We have to be make more unexpected decisions when presented with opportunities.

- Are you satisfied with how your players are battling on the crease?

- It was better today, we made good deflections on the puck and created rebounds. Nevertheless, we must continue working on this aspect.

- SKA often gifted CSKA the puck in their own zone.

- We made technical mistakes when in possession, they didn't press us.

- How would you summarise Alexander Samonov's performance?

- He performed well, he made big saves for us. We have to begin scoring goals, you can't beat anyone when you don't hit the target.

Game two. CSKA - SKA. Press-conference

- Why didn't Andrei Kuzmenko play today?

- We decided to play with this line-up.

- Will Alexander Samonov continue competing as the starting goalkeeper?

- We will make the decision concerning our goaltender before the next match.

- How can SKA score against CSKA?

- By making unexpected decisions when having chances to score.

HC CSKA Moscow head coach Igor Nikitin:

- Why did you only beat Alexander Samonov once? CSKA had a lot of opportunities.

- Their goalkeeper played well. You can't always take advantage of all of your chances.

- CSKA haven't lost in these playoffs after scoring the first goal.

- Every game is unpredictable. Of course, when you're leading, you are more careful with your approach.

- SKA landed 13 hits in comparison to CSKA's two.

- I don't know who tallied the amount of hits. I don't have any issues with how our players fought.

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