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CSKA - SKA. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Alexei Kudashov:

- It was a difficult game. Starting from the second period, we began to creare an advantage for ourselves, especially in terms of puck control. We managed to successfully see the match out. The main thing is that we skated well while crashing the net.

- SKA won 12 successive matches at the end of the KHL regular season.

- The playoffs is a completely different competiton. The fact that we are winning shows that we have balance and are competing in the correct manner.

- What will SKA do before the playoffs begin?

- We will prepare and focus on our style of ice hockey.

- Are Torpedo or Vityaz an easier opponent for SKA?

- I can't say.

- Jori Lehtera hasn't played in the most recent games.

- Everyone can't play at the same time.

CSKA - SKA. Press-conference

HC CSKA Moscow head coach Igor Nikitin:

- The second period was key, and we didn't play well during it. We conceded a goal and lost a lot of energy. We were playing against a strong opponent, and alongside our quality, we needed to compete with discipline. That was what we were lacking.

- Why did CSKA have one shot during the first 16 minutes of the third period?

- As I have already said, we lost a lot of energy. It's difficult to break down such an organised defence like SKA's.

- How are Sergei Andronov and Jiri Sekac?

- I think that Jiri will play in the next game. Sergei is still preparing.

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