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2022 Nikolai Puchkov Tournament. Sochi - Sibir - 3:0

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HC SKA press-service

In the concluding match of the 2022 Nikolai Puchkov Tournament in Saint Petersburg, Sochi handed Sibir Novosibirsk their second defeat of the competition, claiming a confident 3:0 victory.

Two of Sochi's goals were scored in the concluding seven minutes of the second period.

Match protocol:

Sochi - Sibir - 3:0 (0:0, 2:0, 1:0)


1:0 Garaev (Popugaev, Zavgorodniy), 33.21 PPG

2:0 Nikolaev (Morrow), 39.32

3:0 Zavgorodniy (Nikolaev), 59.19 PPG

Goalkeepers: Tretyak/Melnichuk - Kostin

Penalty minutes: 4 - 8

Referees: Birin, Romasko

Linesmen: Parikov, Sadovnikov


2022 Nikolai Puchkov Tournament. Sochi - Sibir - 3:0

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