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The Junior Cup has finished at Hockey City

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The Junior Cup, a tournament which was staged for players born in 2013, has reached its completion at the Hockey City complex in Saint Petersburg. It was held between the first and fourth of September among SKA Academy teams.

These following six teams participated in the competition:

SKA Army (Saint Petersburg)

SKA-Yunost (Yekaterinburg)

SKA-Serebryanie Lvy (Saint Petersburg)

SKA-Strelna (Saint Petersburg)

SDYUSHOR SKA (Saint Petersburg)

SKA-Legion (Leningrad Region)

The undefeated SKA-Strelna won the tournament, with the SKA Army finishing in second place and SKA-Yunost taking third spot.

Individual awards were subsequently dished out:

Best goalkeeper: Nikolai Platonov (SDYUSHOR SKA)

Best defenseman: Timur Pokalyuk (SKA-Serebryanie Lvy)

Best forward: Gleb Nikolaev (SKA Army)

Top scorer: Alexei Chanchin (SKA-Yunost)

Prize for determination to win: Maxim Yanvarev (SKA-Legion)

SKA Hockey Club thanks all participants for displaying wonderful ice hockey!

The Junior Cup has finished at Hockey City

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