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Vadim Shipachyov speaks about beating Severstal

SeverstalVadim ShipachyovSeverstal - SKA - 070318
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- How hard is it to play four matches in five days?

- Yes, it's difficult and tomorrow the game beings at 17.00. We will have a rest.

- You are playing against your first club.

- I's nice to come here, a lot of fans came to the stadium. I am pleased that Severstal qualified for the KHL playoffs.

- When were you in Cherepovets last?

- I come here every summer.

- What did Severstal do to make this match go to overtime?

- They played really well in the first two matches too. The goalkeeper doesn't give us many chances to score. Nevertheless, we're happy that we won.

- You have started speaking to the press more.

- Nothing has changed. I will speak with you when you want.

Vadim Shipachyov speaks about beating Severstal

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