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Vadim Shipachyov: "We needed the victory more"

TraktorSKA - Traktor - 041215
HC SKA press-service

- How would you describe three overtime victories from five matches?

- Just like us, our opponents aren't in very high places in the table. Everyone is fighting for points, even in overtime. We needed the victory more today, and as a result we won.

- How hard was it fighting against Traktor?

- Traktor have had five days off, while we are playing every two days. Tomorrow we will have another rest. They were fresher today.

- What was the mood like preparing for Traktor after beating Spartak?

- We prepared for a normal match which we needed to win. It was tough playing against Spartak too. We scored well today, but Traktor's goaltender made some good saves too.

- Did you not underestimate the opponents?

- No, they have around the same total of points as us. There are no teams which we can underestimate.

- Not even Amur?

- We need to beat everyone. All teams are good.

- Was it very important to win today given that the team has a lot of players from Chelyabinsk?

- They had extra motivation, and really wanted to win. They tried to beat their old friends.

Vadim Shipachyov: "We needed the victory more"

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