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Valeri Bragin speaks at SKA's open training session

Open trainingValery Bragin
HC SKA press-service

- How is the international break going for SKA?

- As you know, all of the players and coaches had recently recovered from illness. It was tough for everyone. At first we rested, before subsequently beginning the training process. Hopefully there won't be any problems with our physical state.

- With what feelings are you watching the Euro Hockey Tour?

- I am really happy for Igor Larionov and the entire team. This situation has worked in favour of the younger players, with the majority of them having received experience of playing in the KHL. I wish the junior national team success at the upcoming World Junior Championship!

- How difficult is it choosing the line-up now after the young players showed their potential in the KHL for SKA?

- Competition is always a great thing. The best players will play, regardless of age.

- Swedish defenseman Oscar Fantenberg has joined SKA. What is your opinion of him?

- Oscar has already been working with us. He played in the KHL in the past and is a strong defenseman. Let's see how he plays in matches, but he has certainly increased competition within the team. If a player has been in the NHL, it means that he is good.

Valeri Bragin speaks at SKA's open training session

- Who will he play with in this SKA team?

- At the moment, Oscar is training in a line with Igor Ozhiganov. We will make the required decisions in order to improve our performance level. Oscar will help us.

- What are your feelings about the signing of young forward Maxim Groshev?

- I know him really well. Maxim is a physical player, but he is also very explosive on the ice. Taking into account the size of the rink, this is very important in modern ice hockey. Maxim has a big future, but it depends on how he will work and develop.

- SKA will leave for an away series on Monday.

- We are preparing with the first game against Jokerit in mind. After that, we will play in Podolsk and Cherepovets, but our training process at this moment in time is focused on the match with Jokerit.

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