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Sochi Hockey Open. SKA - Avangard. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good match between the teams, they both showed fighting spirit and quality. Our penalty kill was good, our goaltender was solid, but we lost concentration for their goal. In terms of commitment and our team play, it was a positive game. Young players who performed well for the Russian Olympic team will now return to our group. The organisation of the competition was excellent here, just like it always is in Sochi,

- Why did Andrei Kuzmenko only participate in one game here?

- He has a small injury.

- Are SKA lacking creative forwards?

- We had three or four great chances to score today, we should have taken advantage of them. We are engaging in serious work, which will be clear when the KHL begins. Every team needs creative forwards.

- Are you satisfied with the work of powerplay coach Konstantin Shafranov?

- Before this competition, we had barely worked on our powerplay. We will continue working on our powerplay here. Konstantin also works with our overall attacking play.

- Was SKA's biggest problem moving out from defence and starting attacks?

- We had problems, yes, but our work is aimed at the start of the KHL regular season.

Sochi Hockey Open. SKA - Avangard. Press-conference

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