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Valeri Bragin speaks after beating Spartak in Moscow

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HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was very important to achieve a positive result today after two defeats in a row, so we protected the lead after we went ahead. The main thing was to win.

- Lars Johansson has his maiden shutout for SKA. What did you make of his performance?

- He worked really well during the pre-season and is now starting to play at his level. This game showed that he's in excellent form.

- Did Mikhail Mamkin's mistake for Spartak have an effect on the result of the match?

- Yes, I think it did.

- What is your thinking concerning Matvei Michkov?

- We have to be very careful with him. After every match, we are analysing how he feels and giving him ice time in accordance with what we can see. He played well today. In the future, maybe he will play for our other SKA system teams too.

- It's nice to see Marat Khusnutdinov in the first line. Will you use him as a centre forward?

Valeri Bragin speaks after beating Spartak in Moscow

- He needs to improve his faceoff skills.

- Is Mikhail Vorobyov good at faceoffs, though?

- Yes.

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