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Valery Bragin: "Yaroslav Askarov had a great match"

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HC SKA head coach Valery Bragin:

- It was a really tough match, we had lost a lot of energy against Omsk. We were lacking freshness. Nevertheless, we played well in the first period, and it was a close match with chances for both teams. Yaroslav Askarov played a great game.

- How would you summarise the goalkeeper's performance? Will he play in the upcoming matches?

- He played really well. We will think about the next games, he deserves a chance.

- Kirill Marchenko, Ivan Morozov and Vasily Podkolzin are struggling in comparison to the previous season.

- They played well against Lokomotiv and during two periods with Neftekhimik, but they didn't have a good match against Avangard. That's why we decided to put them in different lines.

- Vladimir Tkachyov dominated on the ice for SKA.

- He dominated last season too! Hopefully, he will continue to play at this level.

Valery Bragin: "Yaroslav Askarov had a great match"

- Will Kirill Marchenko stay in the first line?

- In the first half of today's match he adapted to playing in the first line, but he subsequently settled. At the moment our best players are competing on the ice.

- Is there a chance to see Yaroslav Askarov play for the senior Russian national team this season?

- This was only one match. Of course, it's obvious just how talented he is, but he needs stability. I think that he will play at the World Junior Championship.

- Are you planning to give Matvey Michkov his KHL debut this season?

- It's too early for that, he isn't physically strong enough yet. Let's wait another year and then we'll see.

- Vladislav Tsitsyura and Arseniy Brinkman both made their maiden KHL appearances.

- Vladislav did really well, he even had opportunities to score. He played on the penalty kill, it was a useful game for him. At times, Arseniy did make mistakes, but overall his performance was good.

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