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Valeri Bragin speaks after beating Severstal on the road

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HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- The first match of a new campaign is always difficult. We played against Severstal Cherepovets recently in pre-season, so we knew that they were going to compete in an aggressive manner. We're happy with the victory, but there are things to work on.

- How impressed were you with Matvei Michkov's KHL debut?

- This was the first game at this level for him, and we're really happy with his performance. I think that he will continue to progress. The difference with such players, is that they immediately understand how to compete in the correct manner. He's a talented guy, we're trying to give our young players chances.

- SKA seemed to commit a lot of defensive mistakes.

- As I've already said, we have things to work on. Severstal always play aggressively at home, we expected this. We blocked a lot of shots, but we took too many penalties. I was happy with our penalty killing, though, we coped with the task after initially conceding shorthanded in the first period.

Valeri Bragin speaks after beating Severstal on the road

- Will you keep Marat Khusnutdinov on the wing?

- Marat is a light, quick and technical player, we think that it's easier for him to play on the flank. He did well today, and he had performed excellently at the Nikolai Puchkov Tournament in Saint Petersburg.

- Why wasn't Lars Johansson in the line-up?

- Alexander Samonov was in net. Lars rested, he's preparing for the upcoming games.

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