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Valeri Bragin speaks after beating Metallurg in Magnitogorsk

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good performance from our point of view. We worked hard throughout the match, and our special teams were excellent. We're happy with this win, we competed against the KHL's leading team. We prepared well and deservedly won.

- Leading defensemen Mikko Lehtonen, Igor Ozhiganov, Stepan Falkovsky and Oscar Fantenberg are all on the sidelines, but your inexperienced defensemen are solid.

- This is the SKA system. All of our teams in the KHL, VHL and MHL compete in the same style, the guys know what to expect. Yes, mistakes are being made, but, overall, we are solid in defence. The goalkeeper is helping too.

- How did you emerge out of the November slump?

- Everyone goes through tough spells. The main thing is that our players are competing with full commitment, our tactics are working and the guys are in good shape.

- The standings are very tight.

- We are watching what is happening in the Western Conference. Every game changes the situation, we want to win all of our matches.

Valeri Bragin speaks after beating Metallurg in Magnitogorsk

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