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Valeri Bragin speaks after playing Vityaz in Podolsk

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HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good third period from us, we managed to equalise. Both teams had plenty of opportunities. In the penalty shootout, the opponents were a bit better.

- Were you confident that SKA were going to score in the final minute?

- We have been working on the players' positional play during our training sessions. This is why we scored that goal.

- Are you satisfied with your goaltenders?

- Alexander Samonov conceded goals after good shots, but we took the decision to swap him for Yaroslav Askarov.

- What can you say about SKA's position in the standings?

- We're among the leaders. However, we want to earn more points.

- You tried to compete against Miro Aaltonen's line with Fredrik Handemark's line.

- We didn't have any real problems. The first goal was through a deflection, and their second was on the powerplay. Overall, we coped with that line.

Valeri Bragin speaks after playing Vityaz in Podolsk

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