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Valeri Bragin: "We must compete in the correct tactical manner against CSKA"

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HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- How are you preparing for the semi-finals of the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs?

- We're training well after initially having a short rest. We've analysed the opponents, and we are improving our own game and putting our tactics together.

- Will Evgeny Ketov play against CSKA Moscow?

- He's ready.

- Which line will he play in?

- I won't comment on that, but he will start the series.

- What can we expect against CSKA?

- It will be a very difficult series, CSKA are good opponents with a stable squad. Yes, they did lose some of their players, but there weren't a lot of changes to their roster. Both teams have analysed each other.

Valeri Bragin: "We must compete in the correct tactical manner against CSKA"

- SKA performed successfully on the powerplay against Dynamo Moscow. What are you focusing on ahead of the third round?

- Special teams are key. We have to give 100% commitment and compete in the correct tactical manner.

- Your players have scored twice as many powerplay goals than CSKA. Is this your advantage?

- The opponents will probably analyse our powerplay tactics, so we have to prepare very seriously. Maybe we will change some aspects of our powerplay approach, we have a special analytical group of experts for this. We are working hard.

- Is it easier or tougher to begin the series on the road?

- It don't think it will hold any meaning. We must play in the right way both at home and on the road.

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