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Vasily Glotov: "It was great to score my first KHL goal at this stadium"

Dinamo MinskDinamo Mn - SKA - 050120Vasily Glotov
HC SKA press-service

- Share your emotions from this match.

- It's good that we won, and I am really happy to have scored my first KHL goal for SKA. We support each other, stuck to the game plan and managed to win. Miro Aaltonen found me with a fantastic pass for my goal.

- Did you like the atmosphere inside the Minsk Arena?

- Yes, it's a wonderful stadium and the atmosphere was great. It's nice to score my first KHL goal here.

- There were a lot of supporters from Saint Petersburg.

- Their support really helped us, and we heard them in Finland too. It's great that they are with us everywhere.

- What changed after the game against Jokerit in Helsinki?

- Our attitude and our relationship both on and off the ice. We communicated more, playing in a simple manner. The goalkeeper helped us, and we helped him.

- What are the main differences between the KHL and VHL?

- The players have more quality. Everyone here is physically stronger too. Of course, the pace is higher.

- Could you tell that Dinamo Minsk are last in the KHL Western Conference?

- That's not my job to judge. It wasn't an easy game today. I can only speak on behalf of my team, and I am happy that we won. The score doesn't reflect the difficulty of the match.

- Is it an honour to wear the special Leningrad jerseys?

- Yes, it's wonderful that SKA compete in these jerseys during the month of January. It is an honour.

- What needs to be done in order to defeat Spartak in Moscow?

- We have to stick to our style of ice hockey, fighting for each other.

Vasily Glotov: "It was great to score my first KHL goal at this stadium"

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