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Vasily Podkolzin: "It was nice to score my first KHL goal"

CSKAVasily PodkolzinCSKA - SKA - 210120
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- What emotions do you have after scoring your first KHL goal?

- Of course, it's nice, and I hadn't scored a goal for a long time. However, I am disappointed that we lost.

- Talk us through your goal.

- When receiving the puck, I had space on the ice, and I subsequently managed to move towards the crease. Nevertheless, if we look at the game as a whole, I could have done better.

- Did luck play its part in your goal?

- Yes, the puck came off Nikita Rtishchev's stick and fell to me.

- Is it even more disappointing to lose when SKA did everything right?

- This isn't the first time this has happened. We gave the game away ourselves. During the first 40 minutes, I think that we completely dominated. We took silly penalties and they got lucky with their two quick goals at the start of the third period.

- SKA have only beaten CSKA once in this KHL season so far.

- I think that we need to look at each game individually.

- Would you like the junior national team to compete at the KHL All-Star Game in the future?

- Yes, I read about that and even put a like on the post.

Vasily Podkolzin: "It was nice to score my first KHL goal"

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