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Vasily Podkolzin: "We took advantage of our opportunities"

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HC SKA forward Vasily Podkolzin:

- It was a very tough match, there were six periods and both teams lost a lot of strength. We won because we took advantage of our opportunities to score. Everyone did a fantastic job, we fought hard and blocked lots of shots. Our goalkeeper was excellent too. We move on.

- What did you think when you realised that Vladislav Tsitsyura was going to find you with his pass?

- I believed that he would find me with his pass. It was a superb assist!

- In overtime, what did the coaches demand from you?

- Nothing changed really, we simply needed to play solidly in defence, create chances and block the goalkeeper's view.

- Did you tell jokes to each other during the breaks in order to lighten the mood?

- Of course, I certainly won't give you any quotes, but it's important to keep the mood positive within the group. Anton Burdasov is particularly good at doing that!

Vasily Podkolzin: "We took advantage of our opportunities"

- Did you have anything to eat between the overtime periods?

- No, we didn't.

- Will you be able to sleep tonight?

- As soon as we arrive in Saint Petersburg, we will go to our respective homes to sleep. We're in a working mode. We will gather again tomorrow at the training complex.

- Was this the best match of your career to date?

- Yes, I feel like this is the case. However, we have to win the next match, and I want my best performances to be ahead of me!

- Are you thinking about the 2015 series against CSKA Moscow, in which SKA came back from 0-3 to win 4-3?

- To be honest, we're focusing on each other. The ice hockey is different now in comparison to 2015. Yes, that is a famous story, but we're living in the present. We will prepare for the next game.

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