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Vyacheslav Voynov: "The players were patient and waited for a chance to score"

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- It was a even game. How did you win?

- We tried to stick to the game plan and wait for our chances.

- For your goal, you seemed to think a long time before shooting.

- I tried to find the line which would allow the puck to go between the players in front fo me. Our players blocked the goalkeeper's view.

- After playing Ugra, you said that it's difficult to get back into shape. How are things now?

- These matches show what you need to improve. There are always things to work on. In comparison to the game against Ugra, I feel a lot better. Nevertheless, I still need to improve.

- Patrik Hersley has a huge slap shot. In training, do you try to copy him?

- You can't train that sort of shot, he was born with it. Patrik has his own style, and I have my own.

- Did the coaches ask SKA to play a simple game?

- No, not at all. We tried to play our game. In the first half of the match, CSKA pressed us. We were patient and waited for our chance.

- How strong are CSKA and Jokerit?

- In my opinion, they are different teams. None of Jokerit's players need extra attention, they work well as a unit. CSKA have a mobile, fast team which has a couple of players which you have to watch carefully.

Vyacheslav Voynov: "The players were patient and waited for a chance to score"

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