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Viktor Antipin: "SKA have all of the facilities for progression"

Viktor Antipin
HC SKA press-service

- It's been a very busy first week of May for me, important moments have happened both in my personal and professional life.

- Yesterday, your newborn baby came home. What is his name?

- Our son is called Vyacheslav.

- How do you feel after joining SKA?

- My emotions are really positive. Moving to SKA is a big step forward for me.

- Have you been to Saint Petersburg before?

- Only for matches, I didn't have time to look around the city. However, everyone knows that Saint Petersburg is a great city for life. With time, I will get to know the place a lot better.

- You have already won the KHL Gagarin Cup twice.

- The main reason why I moved to SKA is to win another trophy. For an athlete, the most important thing is always to win cups. I really want to help SKA become champions.

Viktor Antipin: "SKA have all of the facilities for progression"

- What do you think about the atmosphere at the Saint Petersburg Ice Palace?

- It's not a secret that the atmosphere in Saint Petersburg is fantastic. Even as an opposition player, it was enjoyable to play there. The fans' emotions, even when they are cheering against you, really help. I can't imagine what it will be like to play at the Ice Palace as a SKA player.

- Previously, you spent your whole career in Russia in Magnitogorsk. How difficult was it to leave Metallurg?

- Ice hockey players live like this. You can leave a club at any moment, it's a part of the job. The last two seasons with Metallurg weren't good, so the management decided to change something. I wanted to develop and move on anyway.

- You're only 27, but you will be one of SKA's most experienced defensemen.

- SKA have a good system for both young and more experienced players. A lot of experienced players have made further development at SKA. This is one of the reasons why I am moving to Saint Petersburg.

- Have you been to the Hockey City complex?

- I know that SKA is one of the best KHL organisations. I have only seen pictures of Hockey City so far, but I am sure that it is a great development centre for players. I can't wait to see it with my own eyes!

- What would you like to say to Saint Petersburg's fans?

- First of all, I wish everyone and their loved ones health at this tough time. Hopefully, we can begin to look forward to the new season soon. We will try to make the supporters happy in every match!

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