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Viktor Tikhonov: "It's always nice to score goals"

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HC SKA press-service

- Despite it being a pre-season tournament, all teams played well.

- Yes, the teams played well and it's clear how everyone is in good physical shape. There were a lot of goalscoring chances. I think that the fans enjoyed the tournament.

- Were you lacking motivation without Oleg Znarok on the bench?

- No, everyone knew the system. We wanted to win the final, but we were lacking something. Let's give credit to the Russian Olympic team, they played great.

- How happy are you when you score in pre-season?

- Goals are always nice, especially when your teammates give you fantastic passes.

- Did you want to score against Igor Shestyorkin?

- Of course. He's a wall in training, so it was nice to score in the match today.

- Do you feel comfortable with your line partners?

- I think that we're improving with every game. Nevertheless, we have a large squad, it's up to the coach to decide who plays.

- Canada will take part in the Nikolai Puchkov memorial tournament. Are we helping them before the 2018 Olympic Games?

- It's a useful experience for everyone involved. Canada play a different brand of ice hockey, and it's good for us to play against them. The Canadians know how we play in the KHL, but not all of us understand their approach. These friendly matches help.

Viktor Tikhonov: "It's always nice to score goals"

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