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Viktor Tikhonov: "If you don't shoot, you won't score"

Viktor TikhonovSpartakSpartak - SKA - 040917
HC SKA press-service

- What did the board say to you in the dressing room?

- They congratulated us with the victory, pointing out that we controlled the game and that Mikko Koskinen made big saves.

- At full strength, Mikko Koskinen made signals with his stick. Was this tactical?

- He generally tells us when an opposing player is approaching us behind.

- Your goal at the end of the first period was key. Did you get a bit lucky?

- Sometimes a great shot doesn't go in, while a weaker one beats the goalkeeper. If you don't shoot, you won't score.

- Personally, did you have extra motivation for the match?

- No, my mindset was normal. We try to stick to the game plan and play with discipline. Spartak's ex SKA players performed well, they held possession and created chances.

- SKA were compared to Real Madrid. Who would you compare SKA with?

- Well, the San Jose Sharks.

Viktor Tikhonov: "If you don't shoot, you won't score"

- Who's stronger?

- It would be interesting to see SKA play San Jose.

- San Jose haven't won a trophy though.

- I spend a lot of time in the summer there, so I wanted to point them out.

- SKA have won every KHL game so far. Are you not bored of winning?

- Everyone knows that our task is to win. If we stick to the game plan, we'll win more matches.

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