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Viktor Tikhonov speaks about beating Spartak in Moscow

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- Do you feel satisfied after winning your first match in this series?

- Yes, we needed to turn the series around. 1:2 isn't as bad as 0:2. Now, we have more confidence and new energy.

- You almost got into a fight. Why didn't you?

- Sometimes, you need to play according to the scoreline. This is ice hockey where you score goals and win matches. When I need to fight, I'll do it, but today we needed to win.

- Did you expect Dmitry Kalinin to play like that?

- I have known Dmitry for a long time, and he always sticks up for his teammates. He was defending his goalkeeper, and in that situation, I would have done the same thing.

- Was it hard to kill that long penalty in the second period?

- Magnus Hellberg did a great job. It's difficult for a goalkeeper to sit on the bench for two periods and then enter the game when the team's shorthanded. He had shots to deal with immediately. Anton Belov and Vladislav Gavrikov also deserve credit, they blocked two shots each. It was the key moment.

Viktor Tikhonov speaks about beating Spartak in Moscow

- SKA used both 5 on 3 powerplays. Spartak fans aren't happy.

- I think that any fans would be annoyed when their team plays 3 on 5. It's a part of sport. We drew those penalties out of Spartak and took advantage of the opportunity.

- Why did you push Julius Hudacek?

- I didn't mean to. He took a step to the right and my stick collided with his skate. It was a fair penalty.

- How is Ilya Kablukov?

- Ilya did a great job. He stuck up for me twice today, so I'm grateful. He proved that we're a real family.

- Only one goal by SKA was scored at even strength.

- In the playoffs, everyone knows how important it is to play well on special teams. Today, we had that advantage.

- Will you fight against Maxim Goncharov next time?

- If I need to, I will. I played against Maxim in the past, and I know that he is a strong player.

- You didn't play in the first two matches.

- I wasn't 100% ready.

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