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Viktor Tikhonov: "We tried our best to gain the shutout"

Viktor TikhonovLokomotivSKA - Lokomotiv - 180219
HC SKA press-service

- This is a positive result for us. We did a lot of the right things. However, I can improve my own personal game, our line had a couple of opportunities which we didn't use.

- In the third period, was it more important to score on the powerplay or keep the clean sheet intact?

- The most important thing is the victory. However, it's nice when our goalkeepers tally shutouts, we did our best in the final moments to make sure that Igor Shestyorkin didn't concede a goal.

- How will you recover? SKA fly to Nizhnekamsk tomorrow.

- When I don't score, I don't get fed. I will have to play with my own energy.

- Your son made the starting faceoff. Was he trained beforehand for this event?

- To be honest, I thought that he would play a few games there, but Lev did a great job. I think he will remember that moment for the whole of his life.

- Was that a special moment for you?

- I was a bit nervous because I wanted everything to go well for him. He had his photo taken there too. He even managed to score a goal, so he takes the puck home.

- Did he train at home for that?

- No, it was his instinct.

Viktor Tikhonov: "We tried our best to gain the shutout"

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