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Viktor Tikhonov: "The lines will continue to change"

HC SochiViktor TikhonovSKA - HC Sochi - 100918
HC SKA press-service

- After two defeats, which conclusions were made?

- The main thing is to take advantage of our chances and we had lots of them against Ufa. Today, we scored twice and started to play our game.

- In the third period, was the target to pick up a shutout?

- No, but we did start playing at a slower tempo. For the first two periods, we played well, however we gave the initiative away in the third. The opponents improved and deservedly scored.

- Did this match show where the team needs to improve?

- This is only the start of the new KHL season. The lines will continue to change. Today, we managed to find the right playing system.

- What is your line's task?

- To take the initiative, press in the opposing zone, give the other guys energy and keep the puck.

- Did SKA play in a more simple manner after the coach asked for this to happen?

- Yes, I think so. We played with less mistakes and we have to continue this way.

Viktor Tikhonov: "The lines will continue to change"

- Last year, HC Sochi broke SKA's winning streak. Was it important to gain revenge?

- It's always tough against Sochi. Our mindset helped us win today.

- Oleg Li had to be calmed down at the end of the match?

- There were some fights towards the game's conclusion and Oleg told the opponents that we'll meet against this campaign.

- You didn't fight today, however there was the opportunity.

- When you're in the lead, you don't want to take a penalty and leave the team shorthanded. You have to keep your emotions in check.

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