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Viktor Tikhonov: "It's important to get back on the right track"

Dynamo MoscowViktor TikhonovDynamo Moscow - SKA - 231217
HC SKA press-service

- Having lost two successive matches, how important is this triumph?

- It's very important to get back on the right track and feel the taste of victory in the championship. We move on.

- Are you disappointed to not score your 100th KHL goal when Alexander Barabanov made that intended pass to you?

- Hopefully, my 100th goal will arrive this season.

- Looking at the score, SKA got going in the second period and finished the match as a contest.

- The first period was difficult, both teams had scoring opportunities. However, when we started using our chances, it became a lot easier to play.

- Nikita Gusev is in fantastic form.

- Yes, he takes points in practically every game for both club and country. He's doing a great job.

Viktor Tikhonov: "It's important to get back on the right track"

- Is Nikita Gusev one of the team's leaders?

- Yes, he's a leader on the ice and in the dressing room. I hope that he will continue growing.

- After participating at the Channel One Cup, do Evgeny Ketov and Ilya Kablukov feel more confident or tired?

- The guys are playing with consistency. We know our role in the line, we try to play at our maximum. I try to help them.

- Do you have hope of making the 2018 Olympic Games roster?

- I need to show my best ice hockey. It's the coach's job to decide who is selected for the roster, it's a hard task because there are a lot of good players.

- You will return to Saint Petersburg ahead of the New Year celebrations. Have you bought presents already?

- Not all of them. Our family will visit us, so I need to buy some more things during this road trip.

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