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Viktor Tikhonov: "We needed to be patient"

CSKAViktor TikhonovSKA - CSKA - 310318
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- Today we played more like ourselves. We didn't make as many mistakes and we forced the opponents into commiting errors.

- Did the match depend on the first mistake?

- It's a normal thing for the playoffs, especially against such opponents. Our goalkeeper was excellent. When he earns shutouts, we only need one goal. Today, we scored twice.

- Practically the entire SKA squad tried to shut Pavel Karnaukhov down.

- This is a good thing. In the first game, we weren't aggressive enough, today we were pumped up as a team.

- After losing the first match, did you feel the pressure?

- No, we have been in this situation before in previous seasons. It's nothing new. Everyone knows that this series will be long. The main thing is to prepare for the next match.

- How serious was Bogdan Kiselevich's foul against you?

- It came as a surprise. I went to play the puck, maybe I relaxed a bit. It was a large hit, but thank you to Alexander Barabanov for sticking up for me and displaying our team spirit.

Viktor Tikhonov: "We needed to be patient"

- Were you surprised that no penalty was given?

- To be honest, I didn't realise what had happened. I needed to figure out whether I could continue playing.

- There were a lot of passing plays instead of shooting the puck. Is that your game plan?

- We always try to play according to the situation. When playing against their goalkeeper, you need to stand in front of him and make his life difficult. The opponents made mistakes and we have opportunities on the counterattack.

- In the break, you promised that Pavel Karnaukhov would get into a fight again, but it didn't happen.

- Like I have already said, this is a long series. The score was 2:0, we needed to be patient.

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