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Game four. Vityaz - SKA - 2:3 OT

VityazVityaz - SKA - 070320
HC SKA press-service

Eventually, with the 70th shot on target and in the third period of overtime, SKA scored the winner against HC Vityaz Podolsk to claim a pulsating 3:2 victory and secure progression to the second round of the 2019/2020 KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs.

SKA immediately opened the scoring in the first period with Anton Belov opening the scoring. However, Ville Lajunen promptly equalised for Vityaz on the man advantage, and the Podolsk hosts subsequently took the lead in the third period through Alexei Makeev.

Nevertheless, with seven minutes remaining, Sergei Plotnikov equalised the game to overtime.

In the end, Vityaz held on until the third period of overtime, when Lukas Bengtsson thumped a one timer into the net on the powerplay!

SKA will now prepare for the second phase of the competition.

Match protocol:

Vityaz - SKA - 2:3 OT (1:1, 0:0, 1:1, 0:0, 0:0, 0:1)


0:1 Belov (Bengtsson, Tkachyov), 00.48

1:1 Lajunen (Byvaltsev, Jerabek), 18.11

2:1 Makeev (Byvaltsev), 43.53

2:2 Plotnikov (Kemppainen, Ketov), 53.12

2:3 Bengtsson (Burdasov, Tkachyov), 113.27

Goalkeepers: Ezhov - Hellberg

Shots on target: 56 - 70

Faceoffs: 53 - 56

Hits: 15 - 16

Penalty minutes: 4 - 8

Referees: Kulakov, Yudakov

Linesmen: Zakharenkov, Sadovnikov


Game four. Vityaz - SKA - 2:3 OT

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