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Game three. Vityaz - SKA - 0:6

VityazMatch reportVityaz - SKA - 050320
HC SKA press-service

SKA Saint Petersburg took a large step towards the next stage with a comfortable 6:0 triumph over HC Vityaz Podolsk on the road in the third match of the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs first round series.

In truth, the match was over in the first period, as Danila Galenyuk, Ivan Morozov, Vladimir Tkachyov and Anton Burdasov all hit the jackpot.

Further markers from Kirill Marchenko and Alexander Barabanov completed the game.

SKA, on the brink of qualification, will look to wrap up the series on Saturday in the next match.

Match protocol:

Vityaz - SKA - 0:6 (0:4, 0:1, 0:1)


0:1 Galenyuk (Kuzmenko, Belov), 09.17

0:2 Morozov (Marchenko), 09.50

0:3 Tkachyov (Burdasov), 13.51

0:4 Burdasov (Tkachyov), 19.55

0:5 Marchenko (Podkolzin), 29.06

0:6 Barabanov (Tkachyov), 53.36

Goalkeepers: Saprykin/Ezhov - Hellberg

Shots on target: 31 - 31

Faceoffs: 35 - 37

Hits: 14 - 11

Penalty minutes: 12 - 16

Referees: Oskirko, Ravodin

Linesmen: Sivov, Shishlo


Game three. Vityaz - SKA - 0:6

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