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Vladimir Fedosov speaks before playing Dinamo Riga

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HC SKA press-service

- You were talking for a long time with Harijs Vitolins.

- We were discussing our defence. Changes have been made to how the defensemen open up.

- Pavel Datsyuk is on the injury list.

- I think that he will be ready for the Russian stage of the Euro Hockey Tour. At the moment, his age has taken its toll. Nevertheless, nothing serious has happened.

- Igor Shestyorkin wasn't at today's training.

- Igor has been given a rest, Mikko Koskinen will be today's starting goaltender. Sergei Korobov will be the back-up goalkeeper, because Alexei Melnichuk played for SKA-Neva yesterday.

- Are teams like Dinamo Riga twice as dangerous?

- Riga have always played from defence. It's difficult to play against them, it's been that way with both Dynamo Moscow and SKA. We had a hard job winning in Latvia. Dinamo Riga are in last place of the Western Conference, but it's their problem. We will play to win.

Vladimir Fedosov speaks before playing Dinamo Riga

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