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Vladimir Tkachyov: "I always set myself maximum targets"

Vladimir TkachyovPre-season training
HC SKA press-service

- I have positive emotions from my move to Saint Petersburg. I will help the team as much as I can. We need victories.

- How was your summer?

- I rested for two-three weeks before I started training again. It was nothing new. Everything went well at the medical tests too.

- When did you arrive in Saint Petersburg?

- Yesterday evening.

- Why did you move to SKA? You had the chance to move abroad.

- I was given a good offer in terms of ice hockey. There are examples of other players who have left for the NHL after playing for SKA. They became more prepared for North America here. I thought about the situation and made the decision to stay here.

- If it had not been for SKA, would you have left?

- Yes.

Vladimir Tkachyov: "I always set myself maximum targets"

- A lot of SKA players have left. Are you ready to become a leader?

- It will be difficult to replace them, but I will try. We need to work hard.

- What are your expectations for the upcoming KHL season?

- It will be a tough season, because all of the teams are more or less equal in terms of strength. We will have to give our all for the team. We have to strive for victory.

- Do you know a lot of your new teammates?

- Of course, I know Joonas Kemppainen, and I know Nail Yakupov too. I am familiar with around seven-eight SKA players, so there aren't any problems.

- SKA have a new head coach. Have you spoken with Alexei Kudashov?

- No, not yet, I only arrived yesterday evening.

- SKA will play on a smaller ice rink.

- When I was an Admiral player, I played on a smaller rink, I like that size better. The game is faster.

- Last year, you scored...

- Not many goals.

- How many goals do you plan on scoring this year?

- Let's not look too far ahead, but I set myself maximum targets.

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