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Vladimir Tkachyov: "We shouldn't have given Dinamo Minsk so many scoring chances"

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HC SKA forward Vladimir Tkachyov:

- We started well, but then something happened. We will investigate what went wrong. We're leading the series 2-0, we will now look ahead to the next match.

- Is this the first time in your KHL career when you have dished out four assists in one playoff game?

- Yes, you can say this. I am happy for my teammates who scored.

- What needs to improve in order for SKA to win in Belarus?

- First of all, we shouldn't have allowed this match to become so tense. We have to be more solid in defence, because in attack we will create opportunities and score our goals.

- Both SKA and Dinamo Minsk competed in an attacking manner in the first period, something which doesn't regularly happen in the playoffs.

- We always put an emphasis on our attack. However, we should never have given Dinamo so many chances to score.

Vladimir Tkachyov: "We shouldn't have given Dinamo Minsk so many scoring chances"

- You were often on the ice against Stepan Falkovsky, a very tall and imposing defenseman for Dinamo Minsk. How do you like to play against such an opponent?

- I always try to play faster and make quicker passes.

- In comparison to the first match, did you feel that Dinamo Minsk competed with more confidence and assurance?

- Dinamo Minsk have a good team. Of course, they're getting used to playing against us, but we need to crash their net even harder. We have aspects which require serious improvement.

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