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Vladislav Gavrikov: "We played our style of ice hockey"

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HC SKA press-service

- What kind of victory was this?

- We worked to win this match, playing the right ice hockey. Amur tried to play aggressively, but we played our style of ice hockey.

- Your first goal was a bit strange.

- It worked out for the best. The main thing is that it went in. Any shot is dangerous, and Vadim Shipachyov played a big part in the goal by standing in front of the goaltender. The netminder didn't see anything.

- Were you surprised?

- I thought that Vadim had tipped it in. Later, I was told that actually it's my goal.

- When was the last time you scored twice in one match?

- In the MHL.

- You have scored five goals this KHL season, a new record.

- That's great.

- Are you learning from Patrik Hersley?

- I have a long way to go before reaching his level. The most important thing is our victory.

- Will you hold the Kontinental Cup?

- We'll see.

- Where does the team get emotions and energy from?

- We need to play the right ice hockey. This is our motivation. We have to win every match.

Vladislav Gavrikov: "We played our style of ice hockey"

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