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Vladislav Gavrikov: "Our goalkeeper saved us"

AvangardVladislav GavrikovSKA - Avangard - 291117
HC SKA press-service

- Why was the match so difficult?

- Avangard have a good team. Yes, they lost two consecutive matches, but they had a lot of motivation which made it a tense game.

- You scored your second SKA goal.

- As usual, I was lucky. I changed positions with the forward, and I had to chase the puck. The puck took a good bounce.

- Which Avangard forward would you point out?

- Actually, all of their lines played well. They changed the powerplay units, so they caused us a lot of problems. Our goalkeeper played well and saved us.

- In the third period, SKA had to kill a 3 on 5 powerplay. Emotions were running high.

- Emotions always run high in those moments. We needed to waste time.

- Can you imagine how SKA will play in an outdoor match?

- To be honest, not yet. We'll see what happens.

- Will you bring warm clothing?

- Yes, 100%.

Vladislav Gavrikov: "Our goalkeeper saved us"

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