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Vladislav Gavrikov speaks about the victory over Vityaz

VityazVladislav GavrikovVityaz - SKA - 251017
HC SKA press-service

- SKA didn't start the first period as you had probably planned.

- Yes, the start didn't go too well. Vityaz played an aggressive game, not allowing us to play our style. The main thing is that we improved, scored goals and won.

- Why are SKA not starting matches well?

- The opponents are playing well. We prepare for games, but the opposing teams do too. They analyse us.

- Both matches against Vityaz were tough. Why?

- Vityaz are a good, difficult team to play against. They have quality players and solid goaltenders. That describes why.

- Having returned from injury, Yegor Yakovlev formed a defensive partnership with you. Is he ready?

- Yes, of course he's ready. If he wasn't ready, he wouldn't have played. He feels that he can play again.

- After your goal, you took the puck. What will you do with it?

- I don't know yet, we'll see.

Vladislav Gavrikov speaks about the victory over Vityaz

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