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Vladislav Gavrikov: "We take each game as it comes"

Vladislav GavrikovSKA - Lokomotiv - 110118
HC SKA press-service

- What expectations do you have before playing Lokomotiv Yaroslavl?

- The opponents are good, they're on good form. We're preparing for the match.

- Personally, is this a special game for you?

- This doesn't differ from any other match - three points are on offer. We need to win.

- SKA have made the KHL playoffs and will start on home ice. Where do you find the motivation from?

- We take each game as it comes. At the moment, the main thing for us is to play good ice hockey.

- At the Channel One Cup, you stated that Nikita Nesterov was teaching you how to score with wrist shots. Will you hit the net today?

- Let's wait and see. Nikita Nesterov isn't here, so maybe someone else can teach me.

- Who?

- Vyacheslav Voynov, I'll ask him.

Vladislav Gavrikov: "We take each game as it comes"

- Are you disappointed that you won't participate at the 2018 KHL All-Star Weekend?

- Never mind, there are other talented players who will make it a good show.

- A long home stretch of games has started. Do you have enough energy?

- We hadn't played at home for a long time before this. We want to win and make the fans happy.

- You are playing in a defensive partnership with Vyacheslav Voynov. Have you found mutual understanding?

- There are always things to improve.

- Are you both preparing for the Olympic Games?

- We are preparing for today's match.

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