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Vladislav Gavrikov: "We are focused on the KHL playoffs"

SeverstalVladislav GavrikovSeverstal - SKA - 070318
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- How difficult was it to focus on the KHL after the Olympic glory?

- We don't have time to think about anything else, we're focused.

- Physically how do you feel?

- It's hard for all of us. These games are close with overtimes, but everyone is in the same boat.

- In comparison to the first two matches, how have Severstal changed?

- I don't think that anything has changed. They had break-away chances and dangerous shots. Our quality was the key factor.

- Was this the most tough match in the series so far?

- Every game is testing. We lost a lot of energy today, but we have to play again tomorrow. While we don't have four victories, we can't say anything.

- Did you hear Saint Petersburg's fans?

- Yes, it's great when there is a lot of them.

Vladislav Gavrikov: "We are focused on the KHL playoffs"

- Are you following other series?

- Yes, but I couldn't watch them today because we were playing.

- Lokomotiv Yaroslavl are in the next round.

- I offer them my congratulations.

- SKA might play Lokomotiv.

- We haven't qualified for the second stage yet.

- Is it better to have a rest between matches?

- Yes, because we have time to recover. When you're tired, any mistake is important.

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