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Vladislav Gavrikov: "We are sticking to our game plan"

SpartakVladislav GavrikovSpartak - SKA - 020319
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- SKA's powerplay was excellent.

- In the playoffs, special teams decide a lot. We can see that it decides the outcome of matches.

- There were a lot of emotions during the second period.

- It was a very physical match. First of all, I would like to wish Kaspars Daugavins health. It didn't look good on the ice.

- Is this the first time when you saw a skater trip over the goaltender like that?

- The damage was done by how he hit the boards. It wasn't the goalkeeper. I want to wish him health.

- Spartak started more aggressively than in Saint Petersburg. Is this good for SKA?

- We are sticking to our game plan anyway. We're trying not to watch how the opponents are playing.

- Magnus Hellberg entered proceedings when SKA were shorthanded.

- As I have already said, special teams decide a lot. Magnus immediately started playing solidly.

- Did the players returning have a hand in the result?

- We are always waiting for the injured players to return.

- What was the discussion like within the team when 0:2 down in the series?

- That will stay among only us.

- Were you afraid of being on the brink of elimination?

- It takes four victories to win a series.

Vladislav Gavrikov: "We are sticking to our game plan"

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