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Vladislav Kamenev: "I can't wait to play at the Ice Palace again!"

Pre-season trainingVladislav Kamenev
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SKA forward Vladislav Kamenev:

- How was your summer?

- I spent time in Moscow after the completion of the World Championship, before I subsequently travelled home to Orsk. I was with my parents for two weeks, I had time to see my friends too. I went on holiday after that.

- You held a master-class for young players in Orenburg.

- My friends, who I used to play with in Orsk, asked me to do that. It was the second time when I participated in such an event there, I always enjoy it! If there is enough time, I am always ready to participate.

- What did the children ask you? And what did you say to them?

- They asked me about how I managed to reach this level. I showed them basic exercises, nothing too challenging. The guys there were aged between six and 10 years.

- How do you feel ahead of the training camps?

Vladislav Kamenev: "I can't wait to play at the Ice Palace again!"

- I feel great. It was a really long season, so I wanted to have a good rest. I have been training in the gym over the course of the past 10 days. I am 60% ready at the moment, but the pre-season camps are in place for us to be fully prepared for the campaign.

- Do you know any of SKA's new players?

- I haven't seen any of them yet, but we have met on the ice in the past.

- Do you miss the Ice Palace atmosphere?

- Of course, I can't wait to play in matches at the Ice Palace again! We could even miss out the pre-season part, but it is important.

- Please say a few words for our fans.

- Enjoy the summer and watch how we train. Hopefully, you will be resting. Ice hockey is coming back soon, so we are looking forward to seeing you at the arena!

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