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Vladislav Syomin: "We had to use our chances"

Vladislav SyominAvangard - SKA - 040219
HC SKA press-service

- SKA haven't scored in two consecutive KHL matches. Why?

- I don't know. We will discuss this among ourselves.

- How difficult is it when a key defenseman receives an injury?

- We started to fight for him and Alexei Byvaltsev.

- What did the coaches say in the breaks?

- They told us to focus on attack more. We needed to take advantage of our opportunities.

- Why couldn't SKA win?

- We had to score on the powerplay. After that, we conceded a cheap goal.

- You are playing on a regular basis in the KHL.

- I am feeling more comfortable with every match. The players and coaches are helping.

- Previously, you used to take too many penalties. How are you fighting against this?

- I don't know what to say. I'm not taking penalties, that's it.

Vladislav Syomin: "We had to use our chances"

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