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Vladislav Tsitsyura and Arseniy Brinkman speak after beating Spartak

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Vladislav Tsitsyura:

- It was a good game, we fought throughout the entire 60 minutes. Our goalkeeper played a huge role in our victory with his important saves. The main thing is that we won, we will now prepare for a series of home matches.

- Can you feel the trust from Valery Bragin, who is used to working with young players?

- I have already worked with Valery in the junior national team. When he gives you a chance, you always try to take advantage of it to the maximum. I would like to thank him for having faith in me and giving me a chance. Of course, you play on your emotions in your debut, but I tried to keep my concentration and help the team win. Does he speak to young players more than the more experienced ones? I wouldn't say that. He demands the same things from everyone. Age doesn't matter if you want to win.

- Yaroslav Askarov was fantastic for SKA today.

- The fact that he catches the puck with his right hand is a key factor. Overall, he is a flexible goalkeeper, he can pull off big saves when stretching. As we know, all goalkeepers can make mistakes, but Yaroslav was flawless today. Hopefully this will continue.

Vladislav Tsitsyura and Arseniy Brinkman speak after beating Spartak

- You had a great chance to score in the third period.

- I will work with the weights in the gym tomorrow, my arms need to be stronger! A better player would have scored that, the pass was good. I will try to make up for that miss by scoring in the next game.

- How nervous were you today given that it was your KHL debut?

- I felt nervous when we were travelling to the arena, but the nerves went when we warmed up. You need to be calm when making your debut, otherwise you can make silly mistakes.

Arseniy Brinkman:

- It was a good game, the other guys in the team supported us. I think that we have settled into the team well.

- Does Valery Bragin speak differently to the younger players?

- He speaks in the same manner to everyone. I've already been with the team for one and a half months, and he uses the same approach for every player.

- Is there a way to score against Yaroslav Askarov?

- Yes, if you unleash the perfect shot! All goalkeepers make mistakes sometimes.

- When did you find out that you were going to play today?

- Yesterday. The nerves had disappeared before this game started.

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