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Zakhar Bardakov: "There are a lot of positives as a result of joining SKA"

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- It was a normal summer for me, I mainly studied and took exams. I managed to spend practically a month with my girlfriend in Saint Petersburg who lives here. After that, I took my exams in Yaroslavl and at home, before returning to Saint Petersburg.

- Last season, you debuted in the KHL and for the senior Russian national team.

- I would rate the year eight out of 10. I wanted to play in the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs, but we didn't qualify. Overall, I was happy with how the season turned out, but I could have picked up more points during the first half of the campaign.

- You joined SKA during the off-season.

- I was happy to join SKA. There are more opportunities to develop here, and all of the facilities are located inside one excellent complex. There are a lot of positives in moving to SKA!

- What do you think about the SKA Development Camp?

- The camp is allowing for me to learn a lot of new things, get back in shape and be fully ready for the new season. The facilities here are wonderful!

- Share your expectations for your first season with SKA.

- I have plans, not expectations. I gained 11 points last season, but this time I want no less than 20. I have a huge desire to fight for the Gagarin Cup, as I am yet to compete in the playoffs.

Zakhar Bardakov: "There are a lot of positives as a result of joining SKA"

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